help learn or help to learn

Help me learn or Help me to learn? Which is correct ?

Both “Help me learn” and “Help me to learn” are correct and common in English.

Help + to + verb is called the infinitive and without the “to” is called the bare infinitive.

Many verbs use an infinitive after the main verb 

I tried to open the bottle.

I wanted to go to the cinema.

Most verbs that use the bare infinitive are modal verbs:

I would go with you.

I can go to the cinema.

Help To Learn or Learn(Infinitive or Bare Infinitive)

The verb help can use the infinitive or the bare infinitive

I helped you learn how to play the guitar.

I helped you to learn how to play the guitar.

Both of these sentences are correct with no change in meaning.

Using the “to” is optional and can be a little bit more formal.

Deciding not to use the “to” is a little bit informal and more common in spoken English as it is easier to say.

Help sentence structure

The verb Help is used in the structure “to help someone to +verb something”.

I helped you to learn English.

You helped me to clean out my garage.

Learn about thanks for the help and thanks for helping me here.