In Front vs In the Front – What’s the difference? (+ in front of)

“In front” is American English for sitting close to the action while in British English people say “in the front”. “In front of” is used to show something is ahead of something and “in the front of” is used to show something is in a forward position within another space.  

In front of 

“In front of” is a compound preposition that we use to show something is in a position just ahead of something else.

I am in front of you in the queue. 

The bench is in front of the tree. 

In front 

In front can be used to show someone is leading a race. It can also be used in American English to show that you are positioned close to an event taking place.

He is in front by 6 kilometers.

I was sitting in front for the concert.

Down in front!

In the front

In the front is British English for events where you are close to the action.

I was sitting in the front. I could see everything.

In the front of 

“In the front of” is a position within an indoor building(usually closest to the entrance). 

The reception is located in the front of the building.

My screwdriver is in the front of my toolbox.