In (the) Home or At (the) Home? Which is correct?

We use “at home” when we are describing a current location and need to use “home” as the place of reference. “At the home”, and” in the home” can also be correct in situations when an event is taking place in a specific residence. 

What are you doing now?

I am chilling at home. 

At Home 

“At” is the most common preposition that we use with “home”. We use “at” when we are using our location as a reference point to let other people know where we are. 

Where are you now?

I am at home. 

As you can see, the “at” functions as a way to show where we are located at the current moment. 

Where are you?

I am at the cinema. 

To understand this meaning of “at”, think of a situation where you are trying to meet a friend on a busy street and you need a reference point to help your friend see you. 

(Speaking on the phone)

Where are you? I can’t see you?

I am at the entrance to McDonald’s. Can you see me now?

Oh yes, Now I see you!

In Home 

“In” is not a common preposition that we use with “home”.

This is because “home” is often used as an adverb of place and does not need a preposition.

I can’t think of any context when “in home” could possibly be used. 

In The Home 

 We use “In the home” when we talk about things that function at home in general. 

Vacuums are often used in the home, in the office, and elsewhere.

“Home” can also be a short form for a retirement center. The indefinite article “a” is more common than the definite article “the” but “in the home” can also be possible in this context.

Did you put your grandmother in a home?

Yes, she is set up in the home in Charlestown. 

At the Home

“ At the home” can be used in situations where events take place at a particular person’s house. 

The party took place at the home of a wealthy donor.

We can also use “in the home” in this situation.

The party took place in the home of a wealthy donor.

Do not use “ at the home” when you are stating your current location.

Where are you?

I am at home.


“In-home” functions as an adjective for when something can be used or takes place at home.

The in-home massage costs $250.