How to Introduce Yourself to A New Team Via Email

Joining a new team in the workplace can be intimidating, especially if the rest of the team has had the opportunity to get to know each other and work together before. A good way to set yourself up for success is to introduce yourself to your new team via email.

This is how you can draft that introduction to make a positive impact.

How to introduce yourself to a new team via email

Your introduction email should accomplish two things:

  1. Establish how you fit into the team dynamic
  2. Establish how you expect communication to look going forward

To do this, you’ll want to address your tam together in one concise email. Add all members of your team to the recipient list, and any auxiliary supervisors or other management you see fit to include to the CC list of the email, to keep them in the loop.

Craft a simple, friendly subject line that includes your job title. You’ll then want to address your team collectively and introduce  yourself by the name you’d prefer to use with your team and comment on what your role will be.

You may choose to share a bit of personal background or professional experience, to give your teammates a sense of your personality. Then, you’ll want to share your contact information and availability.

Sign off with enthusiasm for your work going forward and you have an introduction that’s sure to make working together more cohesive and less awkward.

Note that if you do receive any questions or comments in reply to this email, you should respond to them promptly. This shows that you are reliable and open to having conversations with your team, which can lead a stronger and healthier work dynamic.

Depending on the context of the conversation – whether it’s a personal question or a professional one, and whether or not the asker/commenter has responded publicly or privately – decide whether to reply to all recipients with your answer or just to the person who sent the comment or question.

Introduction email template

Here’s a template you can use to draft an introduction to your new team.

SUBJECT: From Your New [Title]

Hello team!

I’m [Name], your new [Title], and I will be joining you on [Start Date]. I have been asked/hired to assist you in [Project] and am excited to get to know you.

A little about me: [Personal anecdote]

If you have any questions or comments for me before we begin, you can reach me at [Method] during/from/on [Availability]. I look forward to talking to you all on [Start Date].

Talk soon,


Here’s what the template might look like in use.

SUBJECT: From Your New Project Manager

Hello team!

I’m Lydia, your new Project Manager, and I will be joining you on Monday, September 2nd. I have been asked to assist you in the quarterly regional marketing evaluation and am excited to get to know you.

A little about me: I’m originally a Texas native, so the switch to Colorado summers has been interesting! I’ve loved exploring the mountains nearby and hope to get some skiing in during the winter months. When I’m not working or outdoors, you can usually find me cuddled up to my dog.

If you have any questions or comments for me before we begin, you can reach me at 555 123 4567 from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. I look forward to talking to you all on Monday.

Talk soon,


To further the example, if Lydia received a public question from Bob, the social media manager, regarding her thoughts on the plan to expand their social channels, she might respond publicly with her opinion by hitting “Reply All.”

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