Logistics or Logistical?

Logistics or Logistical? What is the Difference?

Determining what the difference is between logistics and logistical can be very confusing. When you look at these words, you might even think they are the same thing. They actually have different meanings and are used in different ways.

Although they are used in different ways, the two words are closely related. This is why they get confused so often. One is referring to the other, but they aren’t the same. Keep reading to learn the differences!

Logistics Meaning and Use

Logistics has several definitions but is a noun. The first definition it has is the branch of military science and operations that deals with supplying, obtaining, and maintaining equipment with the help of personnel, facilities and services, and related matters.

The second definition of the word refers to planning, implementing, and coordinating the details of an operation, mostly a business.

Logistics also refers to the detailed, commercial process of planning and executing efficient transportation of goods from one place to another in a way that stores goods properly during transit. Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS are logistics providers.

Logistics is important to ensure that everything goes according to plan in a business. It is also important in shipping to make sure that customers receive their packages undamaged and in a timely manner.

Make sure you have all the logistics written down, so you don’t forget anything.

There comes a point when you need to stop thinking about logistics and just go for it.

I took a look at the logistics report, and everything seems to be in order.

The logistics of moving equipment is important, but not the most timely part of the process.

Logistical Meaning and Use

Logistical has one simple definition. It refers to something that relates or involves careful planning and organization. The logistical planning of a party includes the list of guests, what food will be served, what kind of music will play, and so on.

You will run into a logistical problem when your planning didn’t account for something, and it happens. Say you have a party outside and it unexpectedly starts raining. This would be a logistical problem because it wasn’t planned for.

Airline companies face a logistical challenge when trying to get their stranded passengers to their proper destinations.

He put together the logistical arrangements for this Quarter.

Planning a wedding can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare with so many things going wrong.

Logistical problems can cause a delay in shipping.

Are Logistics and Logistical Related?

Logistics and logistical are closely related. Logistical refers to anything relating to logistics. Logistics is the planning and the action taking place.

When referring to something logistical, it relates to logistics. For example, extensive planning of an event is logistical. Companies like FedEx and UPS are logistical companies because they are providers of logistics.

Logic vs. Logistics

Logistics follows the rules of other plural nouns that represent a field of study with the ability to be a singular or plural verb. Some of the similar words include linguistics and statistics.

Logic is strictly a singular word. It refers to the science that deals with formal reasoning and its principles. The word logic also refers to a set of principles a computer goes through to perform a specific task when prompted.

Both logic and logistic come from the Greek word logos that means reason. Logic comes straight from this word, but logistics took a different way.

To become logistics, logos met the French word logistique, which is the art of calculating. The two words combined in the English language to make logistics.