Looser or Loser? Which is correct?

Looser or Loser? Which is correct?

A “loser” is a person who does not win and is not cool. “Looser” means that something is not as tight as it was before. 

Both “Looser” and “Loser” are correct depending on the context.  


A “loser” is a slang word in English that describes a person who does not fit in well with the group that he or she is part of. 

The word “loser” comes from the verb “to lose” which is obviously not a good thing. “Loser” can be offensive but it is not a bad word.

In modern language, it means the opposite of “cool”.

Oh my God! He is such a loser! 

He brought his mom to the prom! What a loser!


Looser is a comparative adjective of the adjective “loose”. We use comparative adjectives when we want to compare one thing to another thing.

Your sweater is too tight, you need to buy a looser one.

My belt is too tight, I need to make it looser.

Looser or More Loose?

Looser is the correct comparative adjective. “More Loose” is not common in English.