get married to with

Married to or with? Which is correct?(Also Be and Get Married)

We don’t say marry to or marry with. We say marry someone(without a preposition)

“Be/Get married to” is also correct.

Marry + no preposition

To marry someone is a transitive verb which means it takes an object. In this case, the object is the person that you are marrying. 

We do not need a preposition with the verb to marry in the active voice.

I want to marry someone special.

He married Jane last year.

Peter is going to marry Jessica.

We need a preposition when we use the verb “to marry” in the passive voice.

Be/Get married to or with?

We use the preposition “to” when we use “to marry” in the passive voice with the verbs Be and Get. We use “to” when we include the name. 

I was married to John for 6 years.

I got married to John last year.

I am getting married to Jane in February.

We especially use the passive voice with “get” when we are talking about the ceremony rather than the state of being married to someone.

I got married to Jessica!! The wedding was amazing.

You do not need to use “to” if you exclude the name of the person.

I was married for 6 years. 

I got married in Vegas.

There is no difference in English whether you get married to a male or a female.

I got married to John.

I got married to Jane.

Married with

“Married with” is possible in formal English when you want to add information to your state of marriage. 

This is common when you are filling out forms.

Married with children

Married with dependents

You do not use “married with” when you are talking about another person.

Jane is married with Paul.

This is a very common mistake in English because the preposition “with” is common in many other languages(Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi…)  and people make direct translations from their own language into English.