“Master’s degree” – Do You Need An Apostrophe?

Yes, there should always be an apostrophe in “master’s degree”. We use an apostrophe because the word master is a possessive and “owns” degree.

I have a master’s degree in English Literature.

You need to have a master’s degree to work there. 

Sometimes people just drop the word “degree” and say “masters” but that is more common in spoken English.  

Do you capitalize “master’s degree”?

You need to use a capital “M” when you are giving the title of a master’s degree.

I did the Master’s of Science at Berkeley College.

You do not need to use a capital “M” when you are writing about master’s degrees in general.

I have a master’s degree.

What is the plural of a master’s degree?

“Master’s degrees” is the plural of “master’s degree”

I have two master’s degrees.