“Nice to meet you”or “Nice meeting you” - What’s the difference?

“Nice to meet you”or “Nice meeting you” – What’s the difference?

When you are chatting with a new person, you might want to say that you enjoyed the conversation. That is why you might say, “Nice to meet you” or somebody might say “Nice meeting you”. These phrases are not exactly the same So, let’s find the difference between these two phrases.

“Nice meeting you” is something that you say at the end of a first conversation. “Nice to meet you” is more common at the beginning of a conversation just after the introductions have been made. 

Nice to meet you

“Nice to meet you” is a common expression we use when we meet someone for the first time. We usually use “nice to meet you” just after a friend introduces us to a new person. 

Chris: Hey Peter, Have you met my friend John?

Peter: No, Hey John!

John: Hey Peter, Nice to meet you.

It is very important to only use “nice to meet you” the first time you meet someone otherwise that person will think that you have forgotten the first meeting. 

You can also use “nice to meet you” at the end of a conversation.

Nice meeting you

“Nice meeting you” is an expression you can use at the end of a first conversation with someone.  It is short for “It was nice meeting you”

Chris: Well Peter, John and I have to go to a meeting now.

John: It was lovely to meet you, Peter.

Peter: Yes, nice meeting you John.

“Nice meeting you” is more common in American English. In British English, you would probably also use” Nice to meet you” at the end of the conversation. 

Nice to see you or Nice to meet you(Difference)

We use “nice to meet you” only for the first time we meet a person. “Nice to see you” is more common to say when you already know the person. 

Nice to meet you alternatives

Here are some other ways to say “Nice to meet you”:

  • Pleased to meet you(formal)
  • It was a pleasure to meet you
  • Lovely to meet you
  • Great to meet you