Chat TO or chat WITH someone?

Chat TO or Chat WITH someone? Which is correct?(Difference)

Both “chat to” and “chat with” are correct and have the same meaning.“Chat to” and “chat with” mean to have a two-way conversation. The verb “to chat” can be informal but it is also used in business contexts.

“Chat with” is more common in American English and “chat to” is more common in British English.

Chat to someone

When you use” chat to” someone”, you mean to have a short, informal conversation with another person. We often use “chat to” with an object pronoun(me, you, him)

Chat to you later!

You will have to chat to your boss about 

Chat with someone

“Chat with” is more common in American English where “chat to” sounds a little strange.” Chat to” and “chat with” are both common in British English.

You need to have a chat with your boss.

Can you have a chat with Sandra about her appearance?

Have a chat with

When you use “chat” as a noun, then you need to use “with”.

I had a chat with my therapist.

I had a chat to my therapist

Chat about

We use “chat about” when we want to describe the topic of conversation. That could be a person, a thing, or an idea.

We need to talk about your drinking.

Can we talk about Sandra?

We should talk about the Paterson report.

Chat up

“Chat up” is a phrasal verb and means to talk to someone in a flirtatious way.” Chat up” is always used in the context of romance.

I tried to chat up Jane but she wasn’t interested. 

Peter is always chatting up the girls.

Talk to or with someone?

You can use either “talk to” or “talk with”. Some people say that ”talk to” is when one person talks and “talk with” is when both people engage in the conversation but in reality both prepositions are used to describe a conversation between two people.

Do you want to talk to/with someone?

I want to talk to/with your boss.