What is the Meaning of OFC? (Text Language 2023)

While surfing the internet, you’re bound to come across a few words that’ll make you scratch your head and wonder about their meaning. For example, what’s is the meaning of  “ofc”?

“ofc” means “of course.” It’s often used as an agreement or acknowledgment of another person’s statement. It can also be used to show that you are very excited about something. Moreover, it could also mean “Original Female Character.”

The meaning of this abbreviation depends on the context in which it’s used. So, let’s take a small trip down memory lane and see how these three little letters started as well as what they actually mean.

What Does Ofc Mean?

Ofc is a text version of the word “of course.” We use it when we’re responding to something that we’re sure is true, or when we’re agreeing with someone.

You might say, for example: “I’m going to the movies tonight to watch [movie].” Your friend might reply with: “Ofc you are! You love the director.”

In the example, the friend isn’t only agreeing, but they’re also conveying a certain level of excitement to you.

The abbreviation is also used in fanfiction, and it stands for “Original Female Character.” Fanfiction, as the name state, is fiction written by fans of a particular movie, TV show, or book.

It ranges from well-written, professionally published works to the most amateurish, barely legible drivel you’ve ever seen.

The quality of writing will depend on the author and their level of interest in the subject matter.

In these works, the author could introduce an original female character that doesn’t actually exist in the original product.

For example, a fanfic writer could create a second sister to Luke Skywalker and call her Elizabeth. In this case, Elizabeth would be an original female character. This wouldn’t make any Star Wars fan happy, though!

All you’ll have to do is look at the context to determine whether it means this or that.

When Did People Start Using Ofc?

The first definition of ofc was posted on Urban Dictionary in 2004. Urban Dictionary is like the online version of a dictionary, but it mainly focuses on slang words and phrases used online.

Regardless, the abbreviation was already in use before it was posted on Urban Dictionary.

Just as we use Instagram and Twitter now, back in the day there were bulletin boards where people used to chat with each other. Guess what else they did just like us?

They used slang and abbreviations, ofc!

We can definitely thank texting for this shift. The advent of mobile phones and their accompanying apps caused a new kind of language to develop.

The resulting language was designed to be communicated quickly and easily while on the go. Nowadays, you’ll see ofc written in personal chats, Instagram captions, tweets, and numerous online platforms.

Nonetheless, you’ll never find it in a classical book, and you’re certainly not going to see it in a work e-mail either!

It’s a very informal form of speech, so you should only use it with family or close friends.


So, there you have it. Ofc meaning, where you’ll find it, and where to use it.

It simply stands for “Of course” in texts. Or it could mean “Original Female Character.” The context will surely help you determine the meaning.

Hopefully, the next time you’re scrolling through the various posts on Instagram or Facebook and see this slang, you’ll remember its meaning!