Is other’s correct?(What about others and others’?)

Other’s is the correct possessive singular form of the word other. Others is the plural form of the word other. Others’ is the possessive plural of others.

Other’s and Others’

Whether the apostrophe comes before or after the “s” depends on if “other” is singular or plural.

We need to correct each other’s work. (each is singular)

You have to consider others’ opinions. (There are many opinions)

Remember, we use the ‘s when we need a possessive. In the examples above the “work” and the opinions are “owned” by the people. 

Let’s look at some examples with physical possession.

You have to clean each other’s houses.

You should see others’ dogs.

“Others’ dogs” sounds a little strange so we often say “other peoples’ dogs” as that is easier to say 


“Others” is the plural of other without the possessive.

We have to wait for the others.

You can see that there is no word after “others” which is often a clue that there is no possessive in this example. 

Common Questions

What is the plural possessive of others?

Others’ is the plural possessive of others. When a word already ends in “s” in English, then we put the apostrophe after the “s”

Where do you put the apostrophe in others?

It depends on if “others” is referring to singular or plural possessives. If it is each other(singular) then it is “each other’s. If the possessive is plural(There are more than one of these things) then the correct place to put the apostrophe is after the “s”

Does each other’s have an apostrophe?

Yes, “each other’s” has an apostrophe before the “s”

Is it each other’s life or lives?

Both “each other’s life” and “each other’s lives” are possible and correct.