Pedaling or Pedalling or Peddling? Which is correct? 

Each of these words is spelled correctly, depending on the type of English you are writing and the meaning of the word. ‘Pedaling’ is the American English spelling  and ‘pedalling’ is the British English spelling of the word that means to move the pedals on a bicycle or other machine with pedals. ‘Peddling’ is also a correctly spelled word that has a different meaning than the other two. 

Keep reading to find out more about the variations in the spelling of these words, the meaning of each word, and some examples of how to correctly use each word in a sentence.

Definition of Pedaling and Pedalling

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the action of working the pedals of a bicycle is referred to as either “pedaling” or “peddaling.” Both of these words mean the same thing, which is the action of working the pedals of a bicycle. The only distinction between the two words is that each one derives from a different variety of the English language. ‘Pedaling’ with a single ‘l’ is the American English spelling of the word, whereas the British American spelling of the word is ‘pedalling’ with a double ‘l’.

Definition of Peddling

Peddling is defined as the act of selling illegal drugs or goods that have been stolen, as stated by the Oxford English Dictionary. When the word was first published in the 14th century, the definition of the term referred to a person who sold various types of small wares. In modern parlance, this refers to a person who is engaged in the illegal sale of goods.

How to Use Pedaling and Pedalling in a Sentence

If you are writing in American English, you’ll want to use the spelling ‘pedaling’ instead of the British English spelling. Here are a few examples of how to correctly use the word ‘pedaling’ within a sentence.

  • She was pedaling so fast on her bike that she didn’t see the stop sign. 
  • You have to continue pedaling on your bike if you want to keep your speed. 
  • Check the pedals on your bike before riding it to make sure they are not loose.  
  • He learned how to pedal on his bike so quickly, that he fell before he got his balance.  

How to Use Peddling in a Sentence

Peddling means to sell illicit drugs or stolen items. Here are a few examples of how to properly use the word ‘peddling’ within a sentence:

  • He was peddling crack cocaine right on the sidewalk when he was arrested.
  • In New York City, there are many people peddling goods, be careful of them.
  • Peddling drugs is illegal and will cause you to be arrested if you are caught.