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People are or People is? Which is correct?

People are is correct because people is the plural of person. We use people are and a person is in the vast majority of situations but there are some situations where this changes.

A person is mean.

People are mean. 


People are always generalizing.

The people in my class are so kind. 

People all over the world are celebrating the New Year.

There is a lot of people or There are a lot of people

There are a lot of people is correct because people is a plural noun. We use There is with singular nouns and There are with plural nouns.

There is one person on the table.

There are a lot of people on the table.

 Is the word People singular or plural?

People is the plural and person is the singular.

1 person

2 people

3 people

4 people


When you are describing more than one person, you need to use people.If you are talking about one human, then you use person. 

This is an irregular plural noun in English. Similar irregular plural nouns are child/children, man/men, woman/women

1 man 

2 men

3 men 

4 men  

Do the words persons/peoples exist?

Yes, the world persons exists but it is only used in formal legal writing and anthropological language. 99% of the time, People is the correct form.

In legal writing, you have the phrases persons of interest and missing persons. This helps to avoid confusion as in these examples we are not talking about a collective group of people. Each person is a separate person and does not form part of a group.

We also use peoples when we talk about ethnic groups and tribes.

The peoples of the Amazon rain forest.

Is people’s or peoples correct?

Peoples is only used in legal writing and anthropological contexts.

People’s is necessary when you want to use people with a possessive adjective. This is when you want to show that the people own something.

This is the people’s park.

People’s attention span is getting worse and worse. 

When to use persons’/peoples’?

The apostrophe comes after the s when you need a possessive adjective and the word already ends in s. So, this is only possible when we use persons/peoples as explained above.

The missing persons’ dignity.

The Maori peoples’ prized possessions.

Is it everybody are or everybody is?

Everybody is considered a singular noun so the correct form is Everybody is.

Everybody has a plural meaning but grammatically it is singular.

Everybody is coming to the party.

Everybody I know is great.

Note: We use plural questions tags with everybody

Everybody is coming, aren’t they?


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