What Is the Meaning of “Ping Me”?

In the modern age of technology, computers, and communication via social media, there’s a host of ways to tell someone to contact you.

Ping me” is one such phrase. It specifically indicates that you want someone to send you a text, email or some other internet-enabled communication platform.

When “Ping Me” Started ; Who Uses It

This is a rather recent phrase that’s not quite yet gaining huge steam.

It seems to be more frequent for younger users to say this. It’s not a common thing to hear people over 30 years old say it often. But it does come up from time to time and it may be a little strange to hear someone say it.

Submarine Origins

Although no one knows for sure, this phrase probably had its first influence from submarines equipped with sonar. A “ping” sound results after sending a signal. Therefore, the original meaning for this word is a type of high-pitched noise that broadcasts from a sonar device.

But, when we send emails and texts, we usually get a notification sound on our computers or smartphones. These often project a sound like a ping that broadcasts to you specifically.

Tech Jargon

Another, and more likely origin, is from tech jargon for the acronym, “PING.” This stands for Packet Internet Network Groper which means to check the online status of another server or computer. It’s a protocol to acknowledge a machine or device has an internet or network connection.

PING = Are You There?

In other words, it’s a way to ask a computer, “Are you there?” This is a useful command for a device’s host verification and system attachment to the network. There are other uses for PING, but this is the gist of it. So, to tell someone “ping me,” it’s a kitschy way of asking them to contact you through email or text.

Ping me later!

Did you ping me already?

You can ping me tomorrow when I get home.


Even though “ping me” is a newer phrase in English, it means you want someone to contact you through an online platform. This could be a text message, email, or other application. It’s still young and not yet entirely popular, but you will hear some people say it on occasion.