Safe Money or Save Money? Which is correct?

“Save Money” is correct and “Safe Money” is usually incorrect in English. “Save Money” is a way to gather money so that you can buy something more expensive at a later date. 


I really want to buy that house on the corner. 

Well, Why don’t you save money then instead of spending it all on expensive clothes? 

Save Money

We use “save money” when we want to stop spending so much money and want to buy something that we usually can’t afford like a house or a car. We use “save” when we want to keep something or gather something together. 

Safe Money

“Safe Money” is possible in English but is unlikely to be used very often. “Safe Money” could be used to mean money that is stored in a “safe” or money that is not in danger. 

Alternatives to Save Money

  • Save up money
  • Hoard money
  • Buy cheaply