seemless or seamless

Seamless or Seemless? Which is correct?

Seamless is the correct spelling of the word. Seemless is incorrect.

We use the word “seamless” when something moves smoothly and easily without problems. Seamless also means that there are no extra parts on a surface. The surface is smooth.

This marble counter is seamless.

How was the process of buyng your house? It was seamless.

Seamless transition or Seamless transition?

“Seamless transition” is correct. 

A seamless transition is when you move from one thing to another easily. The aim of this is often to move without the viewer noticing.

A good example of this is video editing. You need to have a seamless transition between scenes so the viewer can engage more in the story. Other examples could be writing, politcal policies, moving jobs etc.

How is the the CEO working out? Oh, it has been great, a seamless transition.

You need to have a seamless transition between scenes in a movies.

Seamlessly or seemlessly?

Seamlessly is the correct spelling of the adverb. Seemlessly is incorrect.

Seamless is the adjective and seamlessly is the adverb. The adverb modifies the veb.

We moved seamlessly from town to town.

He transitioned seamlessly from Jazz to Opera.