How to use Some and Any(with Example Sentences)


We use some when there is an unspecified amount. We don’t know(or can’t count) the quantity or the quantity doesn’t matter.

I want to buy some beers

There are some people in the room. 


We use any when we don’t have something. We have zero. 

I don’t have any money.(I have zero money)

I don’t have any apples.

When to use some and any(Rules)

In general, we use some in positive sentences and any in negative sentences. We can use both some and any with countable and uncountable nouns.

some examples


We use both some and any in questions. Let’s look at the difference.

We use some when we know something exists and we use any when we don’t know.

Do we have any milk?

We don’t know if there is milk in the fridge.

Can you buy me some milk in the supermarket?

We know the milk exists in the supermarket.

So, we use some with questions that are offers or requests.


Offer Would you like some milk?

Request Can you buy me some milk?

And we use any in questions when we don’t know if something exists.


Do you have any pizza?

Exceptions to the rules

We can sometimes use any in positive sentences

When it is not important which one

Pass me any drink.

We can go to any game you like.

When the sentence has a negative idea

We never get any chocolate 

We hardly ever buy anything nice.

He stayed there without any clean clothes.

When we use if

Let me know if you need anything

I am sorry for anything he has done wrong.

Anything/Something, Anytime/Sometime, Somebody/ Anybody

Something(unspecified thing)

I want something but I don’t know what.


I didn’t buy anything.

Sometime(unspecified time)

Let’s meet sometime on Friday.


Anytime on Friday is fine.(it doesn’t matter)

Someone (unspecified person)

Someone took my pen.


Does anyone have a car I can borrow?

All of these words follow the same rules as any and some. Notice how any is used with time. Anytime= a time that doesn’t matter.

Look at this example

someone anyone

Someone means an unspecified person but anyone adds more meaning. Anyone is whatever person and he is looking for help.

Read more about someone vs anyone here.

Some common student questions

What is the difference between someone and somebody?

They are the same but somebody is a little bit more informal.

Does any mean all?

No, All means the total amount of objects. Any means one or some of the objects. 

Is any singular?

Any is a determiner and a pronoun so it is not singular. It can be followed by singular or plural nouns.

What word type is any?

Any is a determiner and also an adverb. 

Is there any or are there any?

It depends on what you are talking about. Both are correct.

Is there any milk?

Are there any bottles?

Is anyone singular or plural?

Anyone is singular but we use they/their/them in the second part of the sentence.

Is anyone drinking their milk?

Do any does any……?

Again, it depends on the noun that follows.

Do any political parties believe in Justice?

Does any chart have the right answer?

What type of word is some?

Some is a determiner and a pronoun.

Can some be all?

No, some is only a part of the objects, not all of them.

Some and Any Exercises

Use Some or Any

1 We didn’t buy ____ cakes.

2 Tonight I’m going out with ____ friends of mine.

3  Have you seen ___ good movies recently?

 4 I didn’t have ___  food, so I had to borrow____.

5 Can I have ____ milk in my coffee, please? 

Questions practice

Use some or any

Can you buy me ____ bread?

Do you have ___  cars to sell?

Would you mind passing me ____ carrots?

Can you do ___ gardening after school?

Have you eaten ____ of this cake?