What Is A Synonym For Quick Learner?

There are many other ways one can describe themselves when they want to communicate that they are a quick learner. Some synonyms that can be used for quick learners include receptive, adept, retentive, perceptive, astute, and sharp. 

Whether you’re looking to make a resume stand out, or are looking to market yourself in career advancement or for another opportunity, quickly learning new ways of saying quick learner can help you stand out for your creativity in expressing yourself.


To be receptive is to be able to take in your surroundings and everything that is occurring in them so that you can remember the information and experiences around you. Being receptive also means you are able to interpret and follow instructions as needed, understanding the complexities and purposes of everything being asked of you.


Someone who is adept is someone who is able to be taught a skill and learn everything there is to know about that skill very proficiently. Often, when describing someone as adept, you might be describing their skill in a particular field or subject.


Being retentive means you have a very good memory, and you are able to take in information and use it in the future. Since a retentive person tends to remember things well, they tend to be able to find interesting ways to interpret that information.


If you are described as perceptive, that means that you’re able to listen and absorb everything that is happening around you. This can make it quite easy for you to learn new things, as you tend not to miss out on important details. Someone who is perceptive is often described as someone who seems to notice things that aren’t often detected or thought of by others.


Someone who is astute is someone who is very smart and is able to retain information and concepts with relative ease. An astute person tends to be able to understand things at a quick pace and continue to use those new skills in the future.


Someone who is sharp is someone who is very quick to learn new things and put those things into action. This can be especially useful when trying to learn at a new job, in school, or even when getting to know new people.

Examples Of Synonyms For Quick Learner In A Sentence

Charlie is receptive when it comes to complicated math equations.

She is adept when it comes to solving a problem in new ways.

Her ability to be so retentive will serve her well in her new job.

Samir is a very perceptive person, which is how he noticed a flaw in the software.

Jane was always an astute student, so it’s no surprise she became a professor.

Frances is very sharp, which is why we decided to hire them.

Final Thoughts

One of the wonderful things about the English language is that there are so many ways to say something that you can have a lot of fun with communication. As a quick learner, you’ll likely enjoy being able to add these synonyms to your repertoire.