technology or technologies

Technology or Technologies? Which is correct?

Technology or Technologies can both be correct depending on the context.

“Technolgy” is much more common to use as we usually use the word to describe how “technology” works or its impact on the world rather than listing specific technologies.  


The word “technology” is a noun that describes applications of knowledge for practical reasons.

We often use the word in the same way that we use the word “food” in that it describes all of these applications.

For this reason, the word “technology” can be used to describe every technology in a field of study.


The word “Technologies” is only used when there are different tools involved in creating something in one field.

These “technologies” are countable as they usually include different applications to allow something to work.

An example of this would be the different technologies needed to make a website function correctly(web hosting, WordPress, theme, plugins, etc).

The technologies involved in an AI algorithm are complex. 

It is worth noting that the word “technologies” can sound strange to native English speakers as “technology” usually functions as both the singular and plural.

Is technology singular or plural?

The word “technology” can be both singular and plural.

We often use “technology”  when we don’t need to go deeper to describe the specific tools that are being used.

We use “technologies” only when we want to describe the tools that we use.

Is technology countable or uncountable?

The word “technology” can be both countable or uncountable.

It is more commonly used as an uncountable noun.

What is the possessive of technology?

“Technology’s” is the possessive form of the word “technology”.

Technology’s impact on society has been profound. 

Technology or Technologies for your company name

You can use either Technology or Technologies for your company name depending on if you focus on one output(eg use “technology” if you produce a website) or you work on different applications that serve another output( use “technologies” if you provide tools for a website).