privilege or priviledge

Privilege or Priviledge? Which is the correct Spelling?

Privilege is the correct spelling of the word that means a special advantage.

Priviledge is an incorrect spelling of the word. 

Privilege is a word that is commonly misspelled because it sounds like there could possibly be a “d” before the “g” when people are speaking.

What is the difference between privilege and entitlement?

“Entitlement” means that you have a right to something. It means that you deserve something. “Entitlement” often has a negative connotation because people think that you are not entitled to anything but rather you have to earn everything in life.

“Privilege” means that you have something that not everybody has. AN example of a “privilege” is clean drinking water.  Not everybody in the world has clean drinking water so you should appreciate that.

The difference between “entitlement” and “privilege” is that with “entitlement” you expect that something that you may or may not have is yours and “privilege” is that you should appreciate what you have already.

What is the plural of privilege?

The word privilege can be countable or uncountable which means that the plural can be “privilege” or”privileges”.

“Privilege” is the plural when talking about a privilege that many people have for example “white privilege”

“Privileges” is the plural when we are talking about a countable number of different privileges(clean water, good food, a hot shower).

You have many privileges in your life so you should appreciate them.