Thank You All or Thank You Everyone? Which is correct?

When you want to show your gratitude and appreciation toward a group of people, you will say either “Thank You All” or “Thank You, Everyone.” Both are correct and completely acceptable to use. “Thank you all” is more informal and casual, best for in-person speech while “Thank you everyone” is best for correspondence and written expressions.

But, these are very loose rules. The decisive factor will be more apt to boil down to personal preference and the situation involved.

“Thank You All”; “Thank You, Everyone”

Both phrases “Thank You All” and Thank You Everyone” mean exactly the same thing. You want to convey thanks, gratitude, and appreciation for something that a group of people did. Usually, this group should include more than three people, but not always. It can refer to two or more people as well.

Consider the examples listed below for your reference:

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions to raising money for orphaned children.

Each and every one of you was so amazing during the show, thank you, everyone!

When Sherri cried she squeaked, “Thank you, everyone!”

“Thank You All,” was the only thing he could muster before leaving the room in embarrassment.

When I say, “Thank you all,” I mean everyone who participated, and not only Tommy and Burt.

Awkward Use of “Thank You All”; “Thank You, Everyone”

With “Thank You All” and “Thank You, Everyone,” there are only two things to remember: first-person use and plurality. If you address a single person and say either phrase, it might come off a little strange and awkward. So, make sure there are at least two people, but more is better.

While you can say both phrases to a group of people when they are in front of you, it’s best to use “Thank You Everyone” when writing an email, letter, or thank-you card. But, this is not a hard, definite rule. There may be certain circumstances where using “Thank You All” will be better for such things.

“Thank you, everyone”; “Thank you all” difference

Thank you everyone is more common to use when you are directly addressing an audience and as a stand-alone phrase. “Thank you all” is usually more often used as part of a full sentence like “Thank you all for coming”.


Either “Thank You Everyone” or “Thank You All” can both be beautiful ways to express your appreciation of something that more than two people did. It’s always going to come from a first-person perspective and there aren’t any hard grammatical rules.