Thanks God or Thank God? Which is correct?

“Thanks God” or “Thank God,” which is the right form? Actually, both are correct depending on how you use them. This is because of how the verb “to thank” conjugates to indicate ownership to the person who says it. Religious and spiritual people often use this phrase to show their appreciation for their higher power.

The key to understanding which one to use will come down to your grasp on subject-verb usage. It’s not difficult, but you do have to memorize which one is right for proper speech and writing.

Using “Thank” as a Verb

When you want “to thank,” you have a desire to demonstrate your gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness. Therefore, this will come down to the rules of conjugation in relationship to the word “thank.”

I/You/We/They thank God each and every day.

He/She thanks God for all his/her blessings.

Ergo, when referring to a singular individual that’s male or female, you will add the –s at the end of “thank.” In all other cases, it’s simply “thank” and no –s attaches at the end.

“Thank God” as an Expletive

Expletives are quick one or two-word expressions that you say to indicate elation, joy, anger, or rage. In regards to “Thank God,” there is no –s attached at the end. It indicates a sense of relief or recognition of a blessing that comes from a higher power. Expletives almost always incorporate an exclamation point (!).

Thank God! I thought we’d never see the end of that backed-up traffic.

You arrived home safely after that horrible blizzard. Thank God!

Did you see that car? It almost sideswiped her. Thank God it didn’t!

You two are finally getting married! Thank God!

As you can see with the examples here, the use of “Thank God” does not have an –s at the end of “Thank.” This happens regardless of the plurality or singularity of the subject. It’s because it’s a statement coming directly from the speaker and it doesn’t refer to the subject. The implication is “I” when using this as an expletive.

Thanks God

When I lived in Brazil, I often heard people saying “Thanks God”. It is important to notice that when you say “Thank God”, it is an imperative sentence and therefore “Thank God” is correct. “Thanks God” should only be used when you are talking directly to God as in “Thanks God for keeping my family safe”.


Both “Thank God” and “Thanks God” are correct usages of the phrase. But, the only time you add that –s is when you’re speaking about a singular person. This comes under the rules of verb conjugation. But, it can be an expletive, in which case there is no –s.