How to Send a Thank You Email to a Client After a Meeting

Meeting with clients is a regular part of many people’s workday and an important part of many professional projects. These meetings establish working relationships, evaluate fit, and work out the details of projects. As such, sending an appropriate response post-meeting is a good idea.

To thank a client after a meeting in an email, open with your appreciation for their time. You may then choose to document the details you discussed, as well as any future steps that were outlined. From there, you’ll want to leave a method of contact open.

Here’s how to send a thank you email to a client after a meeting.

How to Send a Thank You Email to a Client After a Meeting

Thank you emails post-meeting are both a courtesy and a practical matter; they serve as a written record of a verbal meeting.

To be as clear as possible, try to include the meeting date in your thank you email’s subject line. This will make it easier to find the email as a reference, later on, should you need to.

You’ll likely already have some form of communication open with your client prior to your meeting, so open your thank you email with your regular greeting, then offer your thanks and appreciation for the client taking the time to sit with you.

Next, it’s a good idea to work through the agenda of the meeting briefly to ensure that you have both a record of what you talked about and a way to clear up any miscommunication that may have occurred. Include specific dates and goals if you can.

You should also outline any future steps you plan to take and the timeline you’re working with, so that you and the client have written records of this as well. Let them know when you will next be updating them, or when you expect to meet again.

From there, you can simply offer your availability should they need to meet with you further, thank them again briefly, and sign off politely.

Client Thank You Email Template

Though the exact contents of your email may change, most client thank you emails can be formatted like the template below. Feel free to take and adjust it for your needs.

SUBJECT: Thank You For Attending The [Date] Meeting

Hello [Name],

Thank you for meeting with me on [Date] to discuss [Topic]. I sincerely appreciate your setting aside time to speak with me.

To review, during this meeting, we discussed [Details]. Please let me know if any of this information needs correction.

Following this meeting, I will be [Next Steps]. This will take place over [Timeline]. I hope to update you regarding [Topic] no later than [Date]. Expect a [Email or Meeting Invitation] by this time.

Once again, thank you for meeting with me. If you have any questions or further comments on [Topic], you can contact me via [Method] at [Contact Information]. I am available on [Availability].