How To Write a Thank-You Email to a Supplier

Suppliers are an essential part of many businesses; they allow you to use and sell a wide range of goods that might otherwise be unavailable to you and your customers.

To thank your supplier via email, you should acknowledge a successful delivery, then note appreciation for your long-term relationship and let them know that the line of communication remains open.

Here’s how to write a thank you note to a supplier.

How To Write a Thank You Note to a Supplier

You may not have regular contact with your supplier outside of phone conversations and invoices, so it’s a good idea to verify the contact information you have before sending off your email.

If you are responding to a previous order, it is polite to confirm that the delivery arrived and contained everything you expected it to. This helps to let your recipient know that this isn’t an issue or complaint message.

If you’re not responding to an order, you can simply begin with the thanks. Let the supplier know how their services interact with your business and how it benefits you – you may also choose to mention how it could benefit them.

From there, it’s a good idea to let the supplier know that you are happy to continue a long-term business relationship with them, and offer them a method to contact you – traditionally this will be via phone or email, though in modern business settings, video meetings and chat services like Slack are also acceptable.

From there you can sign off politely. You may choose to include your name and title in case they want to use your thanks as a testimonial statement (if you’re fine with this, consider acknowledging that in the message).

Supplier Thank You Email Template(Sample)

Here’s what a supplier thank you email might look like. This generic message can be customized to suit your situation by filling in the details in brackets and either including or excluding the sections labeled as “Optional.”

SUBJECT: Thank You For Your Support

Hello [Name/Company Name],

[Optional] We have received our latest order of [Items], referenced as [Order Number]. It arrived safely, on time, and in good condition with all the necessary pieces present. [Additional Details]. Thank you for your timely and excellent service.

I wanted to take a moment to personally offer my appreciation for the work you have done for us and the quality of your supplies. Thanks to your supply services, we as a company are able to [Details], which greatly helps our business.

[Optional] I would be happy to offer your company a testimonial or let you use the above statement as such. You can credit the comment to [Your Name], [Title] at [Company].

Once again, thank you very much. If you have any comments or questions for me, know that I am available via [Method] at [Contact Information] during [Availability]. I would be happy to speak with you to the benefit of both of our businesses.



[Title], [Company]