How to Write a Thank You Email to Someone Who Has Helped You

Writing thank you emails is a polite way to stay in contact with someone after a service has been performed or a contract has ended, especially if you are aiming to build a rapport with this person in the hopes of future collaboration.

When writing an email to someone thanking them for their help, try to be specific about what you’re grateful for. Leave the door open for future collaboration if you were pleased with their work by noting an open line of communication.

Here’s how to write thank you emails.

How to Write a Thank You Email to Someone Who Has Helped You

Thank you emails tend to have the advantage over other forms of email in that you likely already have some kind of communication going on with your recipient. This means that you can match the tone of previous messages rather than trying to establish a new relationship.

Be direct and start the message with your thanks. Be specific about this – let the recipient know exactly what it is you’re grateful for and the impact that their contribution has had on your project or situation.

This is a great way of letting them know that you’re being genuine, and will help them feel appreciated. In a work situation, being descriptive may even allow them to add their contributions to their resume, and may open you up to being a reference for them if you choose to be.

If you did not enjoy working with them, you can end the email there. This tends to work as a succinct conclusion to your interaction – for extra effect, you might choose to wish them well in the future.

If you did enjoy working with them, you can add a short paragraph letting the recipient know that you would be happy to collaborate in the future and that you are available to talk to them should they need something. Offer a method of communication and your availability.

From there, you can sign off in any polite manner to which you’re accustomed.

Thanks For Your Help Email Template

It may make more sense to explain this kind of email via a template. Here is an example you can base your email on, choosing the appropriate optional section for your situation. You may also choose to formalize or familiarize the language appropriately.

SUBJECT: Thank You For Your Help

Hi [Name],

I wanted to thank you for your help with [Project]. I very much appreciate how you [Details], as it has let me [Results].

[Optional – enjoyed working together]

I would love to work with you again at some point, or offer assistance if I can return the favor. You can get in touch with me via [Method] at [Contact Information] during [Availability]. I would love to hear from you.

[Optional – did not enjoy working together]

I hope that you are able to find success in [Relevant topic – work, home, etc.] in the future.

Thank you again.