How Do You Thank Someone for Checking on You?

The best way to show your appreciation for someone checking on you is simply to say, “Thank you for checking on me.” However, there may be moments when you want to make a particular show of your gratitude, and other times when you may want to say something different.

In fact, there are many ways to tell someone how grateful you are for their act of concern. Since they showed such tender care and took time out of their day to ensure you’re wellbeing, you want to return the favor.

Ways to Thank Someone for Checking on You

When people care for one another, they will go and check on each other to see if they’re okay. Oftentimes people do this when we’re sick, dealing with depression, going through something grave in life, or because they haven’t seen us in a while. Whatever the reason, it’s a sweet gesture.

The way you thank someone will rely on how well you know the person, what they did for you, and if their assistance was of great help to you.

The following list indicates different synonym sentences to show your appreciation:

Thank you for checking on me, that was so sweet of you.

The chicken soup you brought will help my cold so much. I’m so blessed to have someone like you.

I’m so grateful you came to check on me.

The fact you came to see how I’m doing is amazing. I know how busy you are and I’m touched you took the time.

Thanks for bringing me chocolate tonight. I owe you one.

Other Things to Show Your Appreciation

Sometimes, giving a gift is a perfect way to say thank you. Depending on what the person did, you could send a card along with a little trinket like a candle, some flowers, a music box, a piece of jewelry and etc.

When you write the card, you can make declarations that are more formal:

I’m sending you the greatest love and appreciation for checking on me. Thank you.

Your kindness blows me away and I am forever indebted to you.


As you can see, there are many ways to tell someone how much you appreciate their concern for you by coming to check on you. It’s a sweet gesture that shows how much they care about you and your overall wellbeing.