Which One of You IS or ARE? Which is correct?

We usually use “is” with “which one”. We use “is” because of the word “one” which requires a singular verb conjugation. 


Which one of you is going to the party?

Which one of you is Mike?

Which one is you or are you?

Both “which one is you” and “which one are you” are correct.

We use “which one is you” when “which” is the subject and “which one are you” when “you” is the subject”. 

When you are looking at a picture you could possibly say either “which one is you” or which one are you”. 

“Which one are you” is usually used when you have a choice between two things.

We have shown that some people are left-brainers and others are right. Which one are you?

Which one of them is or are?

“Which one of them is” is correct because “one” is singular.  

Which one of them is your brother?

Which one of these cakes is the vanilla one.?

Which one of those apples is for cooking?

If you need a plural subject you can use “which ones” and then we use “are”.

Which ones of those apples are for cooking?

Is it “one of ____ is” or “one of  ___ are”?

We use “one of something is” because “one” is singular.

One of his friends is from Scotland.

One of us is wrong. 

Which are or Which is?

We use “which is” and “which are” depending on the subject of the sentence. 

Which one of these is for me?

Which ones are for me?

When which is used as a relative pronoun, the subject of the sentence may appear in the first clause.

There are trains which are used as restaurants nowadays.

This is the keyboard which is famous for its lights. 

I have marked the subject in bold above so you can see how to choose whether to use “which is” or “which are”.