What Is A Word for Someone Who Thinks They Are Important?

Some terms to describe a person who thinks they are important include pompous, haughty, imperious, egocentric, or vain. A straightforward word for someone who thinks they are important is self-important. 

You can also describe a person who thinks they’re important as having a false sense of superiority, or as having a superiority complex.

What Does Self-Important Mean?

A self-important person is one who overtly acts as though they are an important person and others should believe the same. This belief that the person is important may not be reciprocated by others, and it may be exaggerated or overt.

What Does Pompous Mean?

Someone who is acting pompous is one who is proudly displaying their belief that they are important, and perhaps they believe that they are more important than others. A pompous person may also constantly brag about their accomplishments and give examples of how important they believe they are.

What Does Imperious Mean?

When someone is acting imperious, they are displaying an arrogant attitude that communicates that they are more important than others. This term also carries the connotation that this person is not actually as important or authoritative as they believe they are.

What Does Egocentric Mean?

Egocentric is described as having an inflated and arrogant idea about who you are, and an egocentric person often has a belief that they are better than others. Among other things, an egocentric person will also believe that they are important and special.

What Does Vain Mean?

A vain person is a person that sees themselves as highly important, and usually also believes they are especially attractive and desirable. These people might put a lot of effort into how they portray themselves to the world.

What Is A False Sense Of Superiority?

A false sense of superiority is an inflated belief that someone is more important than they are. A person with this false sense may not actually believe in their superiority, but they want others to think of them in high regard.

What Is A Superiority Complex?

A superiority complex is a behavior pattern where a person will try to convince others that they are better, more important, and above others. However, the person who has a superiority complex usually doesn’t believe this themselves.

In fact, a superiority complex is often a defense mechanism to avoid feeling inferior or less than others or is a way to try and dismiss potential failures.