10 Prepositions in English

Explanations and Phrases with prepositions in English

1  Of

Of is usually a reference between two things.It is used in the following ways:

Expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.

He ate a slice of cake

John is a member of the team.

He drank half of the beer.

Expressing the relationship between a direction and a point of reference.

I live in the south side of the city

Girona is north of Barcelona

Indicating the relationship between a verb and an indirect object.

It is made of plastic

She died of a heart attack

2 With

Accompanied by

I drank a bottle of wine with my dinner

I went with him to the cinema

Having or possessing (something)

We use this when we describe things/people.

He was a tall man with short hair

*****Common mistake***** We do not use with for age

X With 15 years

✔ When I was 15

Indicating the instrument/material used to perform an action

He cut the steak with a knife

He build the house with his hands

3 At

Expressing location or arrival in a particular place or position.

We use at to show a point of reference to where we are or where something is.

I am at the cinema

I am sitting at the back

The screen is at the front

Expressing the time when an event takes place.

This is usually a short time using o’clock or something happening now

I start school at 9 o’clock

I am not working at the moment

4 From

Indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts.

I am from Ireland.

The journey is from Spain to Brazil.

We started from scratch.

5 Into

Moving from one space to another

He came into the room

I put the bottle into the fridge

6  During

Throughout the course or duration of a period of time.

I fell asleep during the movie

**** Common mistake***** We do not use during to show length of time

X We lived in Rome during 3 years

✔ We lived in Rome for 3 years

7 Until

Up to the point in time or the event mentioned

Please can you stay until 12?

I am here until March.

I am planning on staying until the movie is finished.

8 Against

In opposition to.

I am against Racism. Are you?

The president is against the idea of joining the E.U

In or into physical contact with something so as to be supported by or collide with it.

Maria is sitting against the window.

He hit his head against the wall.

9 Among

Situated more or less centrally in relation to several other things

She is sitting among the other students

The man was among the injured people

*****Common mistake*****

Between is used when there is only 2 objects

He is sitting between the door and the wall

10 Throughout

In every part of a place or object.

John travelled throughout the U.S.A

From beginning to end of an event or period of time.

He was sleeping throughout the movie.

These are 10 examples of prepositions in English.

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