Sweetie or Sweety or Sweatie? Which is correct? 

The English language is filled with words that are spelled differently but sound the same. “Sweetie,” “sweety,” and “sweatie” could fit into this category, but which is correct?

Both “sweetie” and “sweety” are correct and interchangeable with the same definition and pronunciation. You can use either of them as a pet name or a sign of endearment.  “Sweatie” on the other hand does not mean the same thing and the spelling is mostly viewed as incorrect. 

English is also full of words that look like they sound the same and mean the same thing but don’t. Keep reading to learn the difference between “sweetie,” “sweety,” and “sweatie.”

What Do “Sweetie” and “Sweety” Mean?

Nicknames, pet names, or terms of endearment come to mind when you hear “sweetie” or “sweety.”


  • Come on over here, Sweety. Let me talk to you for a minute.
  • I love Miranda. She is such a sweetie.

Notice that both “sweety” and “sweetie” are nouns and the spellings can be interchanged.

Also notice that, in the second example, the speaker is describing Miranda as “a sweetie,” which sounds like an adjective, or description word, but it isn’t.

What Is “Sweatie” and Why Doesn’t It Belong?

The Urban Dictionary refers to “sweatie” as the sarcastic pet name some may use if they are speaking to someone with an attitude.


  • I wasn’t talking to you, Sweatie!

Generally, however, this definition is not accepted and most people view this as a typo of “sweaty,” which has a completely different meaning and pronunciation.

“Sweaty” comes from the root noun, “sweat,” which means to perspire.


  • I get really sweaty during soccer practice.
  • His palms get sweaty at the thought of asking her out.

Based on the meaning of “sweaty,” when you use the word “sweaty,” or the incorrect spelling “sweatie,” you are saying something completely different than “sweety” or “sweetie.”

Final Thoughts

“Sweety,” or “sweetie,” are pet names that you are most likely to hear if you are here in America, especially if you live in the Southern Region. It is not uncommon for a restaurant server or fast food worker to call you “sweetie.”

It is a sign of endearment or you don’t have to get offended. Now, if someone calls you “sweaty,” that might be a different story. If they call you “sweatie” is written, it may be an honest accident, but if they verbally call you “sweatie,” with a short “e” sound, they may be telling you to shower.