5 Ways to Learn English with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a new A.I software that you can use to improve your English. You can do so many things with ChatGPT like write essays, emails, and books but in this article, I will share my tips on using ChatGPT to learn English. 

1 Use ChatGPT as a language partner

You can now add a Chrome Extension to your browser and you will be able to talk to ChatGPT and it will respond with an A.I generated voice. This is an amazing development as speaking and listening are two of the most difficult parts of English to practice.  

This practice is not great if you really want to develop your fluency and I recommend you take an English class online if you want to practice in real time with a teacher.

This feature is excellent however if you are nervous about speaking English and you can only speak slowly. 

2 Use Chat GPT to practice grammar/punctuation

ChatGpt is an excellent resource to practice your English grammar. Here are some prompts that you can use:

  • When should I use ….( a preposition, the present perfect tense, “hers”)
  • Can you give me example sentences of when to use …. (“to or for”, “a comma”)
  • What is the difference between (“welcome aboard and welcome on board”, “a gerund” and an infinitive”)

chatgpt to learn english

3 Use ChatGPT to practice vocabulary

You can also use ChatGPT to improve your vocabulary. You can ask it to explain what a word means and how to use it. 


  • What does facetious mean?
  • How do I use facetious in a sentence? 
  • Can you give me example sentences of facetious?
  • What is the difference between facetious and funny?
  • Can you give me a fill-in-the-blank exercise with 10 examples where I need to write the correct adjective for a B2 level of English. Can you list the answers at the top instead of after the sentences so I need to guess the correct adjective

4 Use ChatGPT to check your mistakes

You can also use ChatGPT to check your mistakes in the text that you write. You simply copy and paste your text into ChatGPT and see if you made any mistakes in your writing. 

Can you check the spelling and grammar in the following text?

I prefer to use Sapling.AI as I can check my mistakes everywhere I go on the internet. 

5 Use ChatGPT to ask your doubts 

ChatGPT is a chatbot so you can really ask it anything that you don’t know in English. It is great to use the chat function and keep asking it questions until you understand something. It can help you with your English homework or almost anything you can think of. 

Unfortunately, ChatGPT is usually at capacity so you can use Jasperchat if you really need to use it. 

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