Passed.AI Review – Can you really Tell if your Students are using A.I?

This is an incomplete review of the new A.I detector called

This A.I system is different from other A.I detectors as it is aimed primarily at teachers to help them check if their students are using A.I tools like ChatGPT.

What we know so far

The detection software has been released to the general public and you can signup for here.

There is going to be a way to check if students used A.I. These content detection tools usually work with a machine learning algorithm that can predict if the text was created by humans or an A.I.

They promise a 94% correct prediction of whether or not the text was created with ChatGPT. This is a similar success rate to Orginality.Ai.

The great thing about these algorithms is that they are trained on GPT3.5 which is what ChatGPT uses. Most other A.I detectors are trained on either GPT2 or GPT3 which are older language models.

Something else that has is a “history audit”. This feature allows you to see the text being written so you can see if the whole text was just copy/pasted from some other source or if it was human-typed.

You can do all of this with’s chrome extension which means you can check work in different places around the web like Google Docs.

I am looking forward to testing it out for myself.