Safe Journey or Save Journey? Which is correct?

“Safe Journey” is correct and “Save Journey” is incorrect in English. “Safe Journey” is a way to wish someone well when they embark on a journey to another place.


I am going to London later this evening.

Oh great, I hope you enjoy yourself. Safe Journey!

Safe Journey

“Safe Journey” is a way to wish someone well when they are traveling to another place. We use this when we want someone to have a safe trip as sometimes accidents can happen while traveling to another place. 

Alternatives to Safe Journey

  • Safe travels
  • Bon voyage 
  • Travel safely 
  • Drive safely
  • Have a safe trip
  • Have a nice trip
  • Have a safe journey


We use “save” when we want to keep something or gather something together. It doesn’t make sense with “journey” or “trip” so “Save Journey” and “Save Trip” are incorrect. They should be “Safe Journey” or “Safe trip”. 

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