Get home or Get to home? Which is correct?

We use “Get Home” becomes “home” is often used as an adverb of place. When “home” is used as an adverb of place, it means “in the direction of home” and usually follows a verb like “get” or “go”. 

I just got home this morning!

Get Home

We don’t need a preposition between “Get” and “home” because “home” functions as an adverb in this case. 

An adverb modifies a verb and gives more information about that verb. In this case, “home” means “ in the direction of home”. Other similar adverbs of place are “easterly”, “up” and “down”.

I got home last night. 

With adverbs of place, you do not need to use a preposition like “to”. 

Get to home

We don’t use “get to home” very often because when we use “get” with “home”, we are using “home” as an adverb of place.

We can only use “get to home” when “home” is used as a noun. When “home” is used as a noun, we usually need the articles “a” or “the”.

I need to get to the home of the state senator. 

Arrive (To) Home

“Arrive to home” is the same as “Get to home”. We only use “arrive home”.

I arrived home at 6 am.

You can use “arrive at home” but “arrive home” is more common. You can’t use “get at home”.  

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