Gone TO or TOO soon? Which is correct?

“Gone too soon” is correct and “gone to soon” is incorrect. “Too” means something similar to  “excessively” while “to” is a preposition and part of an infinitive verb in English.

He was a lovely man. Gone too soon

We need to use “too” because we want to show that he was gone “excessively soon”.  

Too vs To

To is a preposition and part of the infinitive of a verb.

I am driving to the cinema.

I need to drink water right now.

Too is an adverb that means “also” and “excessively”.

I miss you too.

I ate too much chocolate. 

Another way to say Gone too soon

If you want another way to say” gone too soon” then you can say:

Gone before his time

She left us before her time

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