Is “I” a Pronoun? A Proper Noun?

The word “I” is a subject pronoun in English. A pronoun replaces a noun in a sentence. “I” is a subject pronoun which means that we are talking about the person who does the action. 

Subject pronouns in English:








Is I a pronoun?

Yes, “I” is a pronoun. We use “I” when we want to talk about ourselves and what we do and feel. 

I like tennis.

I want to play chess later.

A subject pronoun is different from an object pronoun because a subject pronoun does the action and an object pronoun receives the action.

For the first person singular, “I” is the subject pronoun, and “me” is the object pronoun.

I like John.

John likes me.    

Is I a noun?

“I” is a pronoun that is a type of noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. A pronoun is a subcategory of a noun.

Some examples of nouns include tree, Peter, car, and London. 

Is I a proper noun?

A proper noun is a specific name or place like Johnny Depp or Paris. A proper noun should always be capitalized. 

“I” is not a proper noun. “I” is a pronoun. It is generally accepted that you should always capitalize the letter “I” but not because it is a proper noun. 

Is I a verb?

No, “I” is not a verb. A verb is usually an action verb and can be conjugated.

Some examples of verbs include “to be”,”to have” and “to play”.