What is the meaning of “Just Chilling”?(+Chilling Time)

“Just chilling” means that you aren’t really doing anything important and just “hanging out”. This could be watching T.V, playing video games or whatever it is you do to relax.


What are you up to?

Not much, just chilling at home.

Just chilling meaning

“Just chilling” is slang for not really doing anything. We use “just chilling” when we aren’t doing anything that needs to be done. Think of a Sunday morning when your family is out and you have time to yourself and no chores to do. 

The most important thing to understand is that the person who says “just chilling” is free from obligations so they may be open to suggestions of doing something.

What are you doing now?

Just chilling

Wanna go to the cinema?

Yeah sure!

Just chilling out 

“Chilling” and “chilling out” have the same meaning for all intents and purposes. Sometimes phrasal verbs have the same 

Just chilling or chillin

When people drop the “g” at the end of “chilling” there is no difference in meaning. It is just a “cooler” way to say “chilling”. 

“Just chillin”

This is definitely slang so please don’t use this in any formal documents or exams.

Chilling time or Time to chill 

“Chilling time” or “time to chill” are common to use after a stressful event or an obligation.

Oh! So glad school is over. Chilling time!

Just chill meaning 

It is important to note that “just chill” has a different meaning to “just chilling”. People say ”just chill” when the other person is angry or stressed.

OMG! So stressed about my exam on Friday!

Just Chill! It will be fine.