How to Write a Thank You Email to a Recruiter

Though not always necessary, it’s considered polite to offer your recruiter thanks after an interview regardless of whether or not you are hired. It’s a great way of establishing rapport and leaving a good impression that can help you stand out from the crowd.

To thank your recruiter in an email after an interview, you’ll want to begin by noting what interview you’re thanking them for and what position it was for, then by acknowledging that the recruiter’s time is valuable. Note some points of discussion covered in the interview if you can, then sign off politely.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Write a Thank You Email to a Recruiter

Determining whether or not you should send a thank-you email to a recruiter is largely a matter of practicality and preference.

If your contact with the company via email has been through a catch-all hiring or service address, then sending a thank-you email may be pointless. If you’ve had contact with a specific recruiter, though, it can be a good way of keeping your name in the forefront of their mind. Still, it’s not strictly necessary, especially if you expressed your thanks in the interview or were told to wait for them to contact you.

If you do decide to send your recruiter a thank-you email, keep it short and polite without being overly flattering or pandering. Your aim is to appear professional and personable without looking like you’re begging or trying to “suck up.”

You can follow these basic steps to write your email.

  1. Greet your interviewer politely in the style of previous communications.
  2. Thank the recruiter for the specific interview you attended, mentioning the position it was for and the date.
  3. Note that the recruiter’s time is important and you appreciate their fitting you into their schedule.
  4. If you have them, note any interesting talking points or information that came up in your interview.
  5. Sign off politely, optionally with your contact information or portfolio link.

This is also a great way to follow up with any information your recruiter may have asked you for that you did not cover in the interview. If this is the case, consider letting the recruiter know at the end of the interview that you will be sending an email with supplemental material.

Recruiter Thank You Email Template

Here’s what the above steps may look like when drafted into an email template. Feel free to adjust this to match your needs.

SUBJECT: Thank You For The Interview

Hello [Name],

I wanted to quickly write to say thank you for meeting with me on [Date] regarding my application for the [Title] position with [Company]. I understand that your schedule is full and appreciate your taking the time out of your day to speak with me. I particularly value our discussion of [Topic] and the answer you gave me regarding .

Thank you again, and I hope you have a lovely day.



[Contact or Link, optional]