Is “Is it ok for you” Formal? (Alternative ways to write “is it ok” in an email)

There are many ways to ask someone if something is acceptable or to ask for permission to do something.

“Is it ok for you” is quite informal in English.  If you want a formal version of “is it ok”, you could use “ would that be acceptable to you?”. If you are asking for permission, you could use “Would it be possible to….?”

Here is a list of similar phrases to “is it ok”

  • Is it ok for you?
  • Is that ok?
  • I hope this is ok?
  • Would that be ok? 
  • Does that work for you?

Alternative ways to write “is it ok” in a professional email

It is a little informal to use  “is it ok” in an email but it depends on the context. If you are usually informal with your coworkers and boss, then it is perfectly acceptable.

“Is it ok?” alternatives

You may be using “is it ok” to ask permission or to check if something is correct. 

To ask permission formal alternatives

Would it be possible to….

Would I be able to reschedule…?

Would it be okay if I…..

Could we…..?

To check something is correct alternatives

Does my work look acceptable to you?

Does the code look correct to you?

Is  “would that work for you?” formal?

“Would that work for you” is formal and a perfect expression to use if you are arranging a meeting. 

Let’s have a meeting tomorrow at 9 am. Would that work for you?

“Is that ok” formal alternative 

“Is that ok” is used in similar contexts to “is it ok” You can use the alternatives above if you are using “is that ok” to check if something is correct/acceptable.

Is “Would it be ok?” formal?

The phrase “would it be ok…? can be used in formal situations. We use use “would” for polite questions in English.

Would you like to go for dinner with me?

Would it be ok if I left work at 4 pm today? 

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