messege or message

Messege or Message? Which is the correct spelling?

Message is the correct spelling of the word that means a communication that is sent by phone, email, or any other written or spoken means. Messege is an incorrect spelling of message.

Is Messege a word?

No, messege is not a word in English. It is a commonly misspelled version of the word “message”.

People tend to misspell this word because the “a” sound doesn’t sound like the typical “a” sounds in English. (cat, bat, father, umbrella)

The “a” in message is pronounced /i/ like similar words postage, luggage, and baggage.

What does message mean?

A message is a form of communication that you often give indirectly to someone.

There are many ways that you can give a message to someone.

Here are some examples of types of messages:

Written note, you tell a friend to tell another friend, on a phone, an email, a notice board, an audio recording, a smoke signal, a voicemail.

Here are some examples of messages in English:

Can you contact me as soon as possible, I need your help.

Peter, Call me when you get home.

Tell John that his package arrived. 

Let me know if you need anything.