safe travels

Safe travels or Safe travel? Which is correct?

When you want to wish someone to have a journey that is completed without a problem you can say “Safe Travels”. Safe travel is ok but not commonly used. 

Correct Ways to wish someone a safe journey:

  • Safe travels
  • Bon voyage 
  • Travel safely 
  • Drive safely
  • Have a safe trip
  • Have a nice trip
  • Have a safe journey

The reason we use safe travels is that we often associate travelling with many different trips and not just one trip.

Safe travel is ok to use but in modern English, it is just not common. 

We often want to wish someone a nice journey but we know that we will see them again so we just want to wish them a journey that is safe from danger. 

If you will not see the person for a long time then it is better to say goodbye. You can find many ways to say goodbye in this article here.

Travel safe or travel safely?

Travel safely is correct because in this case travel is a verb and to modify the verb we need to use the adverb “safely”

Can you say Safe trip or Safe journey?

Yes, you can say “Safe trip” or “Safe Journey” but we usually use “Have a….”.

John: I am leaving now, see you later!

Peter: Have a safe trip!

John: I am leaving now, see you later!

Peter: Have a safe journey! 

Bon Voyage – Wait isn’t that French? 

Yes, Bon Voyage is the French for Safe travels or literally “have a good trip”

It is common to use bon voyage in English because people are often going on a trip to a foreign country so people use it to sound more exotic.